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The Clinical Pharmacology of Intranasal l-Methamphetamine

Definition of myocardiumthe middle muscular layer of the heart wall.

PDF-The Clinical Pharmacology of Intranasal l-Methamphetamine


We studied the pharmacology of l-methamphetamine, the less abused isomer, when used as a nasal decongestant.


12 subjects self-administered l-methamphetamine from a nonprescription inhaler at the recommended dose (16 inhalations over 6 hours) then at 2 and 4 (32 and 64 inhalations) times this dose. In a separate session intravenous phenylephrine (200 μg) and l-methamphetamine (5 mg) were given to define alpha agonist pharmacology and bioavailability. Physiological, cardiovascular, pharmacokinetic, and subjective effects were measured.


Plasma l-methamphetamine levels were often below the level of quantification so bioavailability was estimated by comparing urinary excretion of the intravenous and inhaled doses, yielding delivered dose estimates of 74.0 ± 56.1, 124.7 ± 106.6, and 268.1 ± 220.5 μg for ascending exposures (mean 4.2 ± 3.3 μg/inhalation). Physiological changes were minimal and not dose-dependent. Small decreases in stroke volume and cardiac output suggesting mild cardio-depression were seen.


Inhaled l-methamphetamine delivered from a non-prescription product produced minimal effects but may be a cardio-depressant.

Our Body is a Garden

Our body is a garden and we have left it untended for far too long.

The longer I study systems and biology the more I realize that our body is an upright mobile garden. We are the dust of the earth that got up to roam about the land. The rest of our family supports our existence and they do it from the luxury of the soil we once knew. But we were and we remain nomads; and so we came together to create this body, this upright garden that would support our mobile existence while satisfying our frontier spirit.

We are legion. For we are many. For we are made of dust and we will be one again.